How to Grow ctenanthe (Never Never Plant) USA 2022?

How to Grow ctenanthe (Never Never Plant) USA 2022? In this post i am going to tell about the growth of Never never plant and never never plant care. Here are some reason why is it called never never plant. variegated never never plant. How to never never plant leaves curling and how to propagate never never plant and never never plant propagation. Never never plant toxic to cats. How to propagate a never never plant? Is never never plant toxic to cats. never never plant brown spots. never never plant ctenanthe lubbersiana.

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How to Grow ctenanthe (Never Never Plant) USA 2022?

How to Grow ctenanthe (Never Never Plant) USA 2022?

One-of-a-kind foliage specimen with a burst of colour is the Never Never Plant. To bring a touch of a rich tropical show indoors, grow it right away.

This variety of the Prayer Plant is the top choice among indoor plant growers because to its stunning foliage and vibrant colours. Learn how to grow the Never Never Plant USA 2022 if you’d want to have this beauty indoors as well

Never Never Plant Reproduction

Never Never plant reproduction by stem cuttings is a beginner’s chore. Simply cut a stem that is 4–6 inches long and plant it in a soil that drains properly. Keep the pot well-watered and in an area with lots of direct and indirect light. In 40 to 50 days, new roots will start to appear.

Never Never Plant Light Requirements


Ensure that the plant has access to 5–6 hours of bright indirect sunshine per day. The colours will be better when the light level increases!

Water Resources

Make sure the medium is consistently moist but not soggy. When the soil’s top layer seems dry, check it out and water it. Reduce watering over the winter to avoid root rot.


The plant will do best in a potting mixture that is damp but drains well. For the ideal mixture, mix perlite, coco coir, or sphagnum moss with a mouthful of seasoned manure. Make sure the medium can hold moisture while being light and free of contamination.

How To Never Never Plant Care?


Every 4-6 weeks, feed the plant with a liquid fertiliser that has been diluted to half its original concentration. Avoid overfertilizing to avoid salt accumulation that can cause root rot. Also, do not feed it throughout the winter.

Infections & Pest problems

The Never Never plant is generally pest-resistant. However, be aware of occasional infestations of mealybugs, aphids, and spider mites. To get rid of the bothersome pests, wipe them with such a cotton pad dipped in organic neem oil or isopropyl alcohol.